the stupid build tool
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simple and minimalistic script/build tool.


installing in your project:

curl > tool
chmod +x tool

installing tool-anywhere:

mkdir -p ~/bin
curl > ~/bin/tool
chmod +x ~/bin/tool
# if you don't have ~/bin:
echo 'export PATH="$HOME/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc


tool is simply a collection of short bash scripts that are useful to your
project. in the default tool, there are a few commands which may be used in a
project that uses multiple docker compose files (so that you can use
"./tool dev up" and "./tool prod up"). but seeing as everything is just a bash
script, you can virtually do anything!

to add commands, you simply need to add them to the documentation like in the
format that is already given and then add the product in the `case` statement.

of course, tool is just a base and you can set it up to do whatever you need.
it's basically a boilerplate code that you adjust based on your needs.


sometimes, you don't need makefiles, and you don't need complicated build tools
no-one understands. sometimes, you just need a bash script.


public domain (unlicense).