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  Giuseppe Guerra 3fc0620d69 Merge branch 'master' of zxq.co:ripple/hanayo 10 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 16bad18ace Updated submodule website-docs 10 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 6feae54c46
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into ranking-criteria 11 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 937479de64 Merge branch 'ranking-criteria' of Lithium/hanayo into master 11 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra fee8e7d6a0
Ranking criteria fixes 11 months ago
  Lithium d37a167bac Add loose ranking criteria for people 11 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 66241377b9
Add Bancho OAuth strings to templates 11 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 7ec5754be8
Bancho API privs, Bancho OAuth, update api vendor 11 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 855c83f55d Updated hardcoded server ips 1 year ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 52234ff1b4 Removed useless id 1 year ago
  Giuseppe Guerra fff317d03a Fix scores tables being displayed twice 1 year ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 4972d63b52 Fix most played beatmaps not working when switching game modes 1 year ago
  Giuseppe Guerra d425a862bb Most played beatmaps 1 year ago
  Giuseppe Guerra badd23aa0c Add "Personal high score" in score info modal 1 year ago
  Giuseppe Guerra a569a5535d Changed "recent scores" table style. Add "passed" in score info modal. 1 year ago
  Giuseppe Guerra eb9aca2298 Play Time 1 year ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 54b09f1407 Updated submodule website-docs 1 year ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 53a80b0d03 Support for new changelog format 1 year ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 9ccfd3f08d Fix snow responsive view 1 year ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 78664c6e15 rss2 tl;dr connection guide 1 year ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 8d62311aee Snow! 1 year ago
  Giuseppe Guerra ea696fce7a Update website-docs 1 year ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 98aa4899f2 Update submodule website-docs 1 year ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 46ce52f936 Changed PayPal email address 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette abf5d7237f Add rank in RAP button 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 3d2a4b26a9
Explain why you shouldn't write code like hanayo in the README 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette db120cdbff
Fix IPN having the wrong username 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 748d4d7e41
Add username botnet on donation page 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 13baee3124
⬆️ v1.8.6 ⬆️ 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 76970ea5c7
unhardcode ripple IPs on guides 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 0526e770e5
fix verify page 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 98b9e647ec
Remove references to 2fa with telegram 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 567eebc6c6
Woops, wrong link 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 3397f0366a
add drone 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 0c76c9210d
Revert "EXPAND DONG" 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 6a5b4f125c
⬆️ v1.8.5 ⬆️ 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette a2a0f51cfc
Merge branch 'master' of git.zxq.co:ripple/hanayo 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 0705cf0f4e
⬆️ 1.8.4 ⬆️ 2 years ago
  Giuseppe Guerra dae2d4621f Changed account wipe text in support page 2 years ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 6e1b7091bb Add "account wipe" perk in donor page 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette e5ba31a117
EXPAND DONG 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 8eafeede2d
⬆️ v1.8.3 ⬆️ 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 8b4bdfe317
Update locales 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 199e05e775
Add quick edit button on user profiles for admins 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 056262ea8f
add server switcher to templates 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 63dfa48d55
add server switcher link in navbar 2 years ago
  Giuseppe Guerra d2b4e960e0 Add Sunpy to team page (special thanks) 2 years ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 0cbae81341 Update about.html 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette a98499be01
require license to be agreed before starting hanayo 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 905b0ba657
⬆️ v1.8.2 ⬆️ 2 years ago