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A game framework written with osu! in mind.


  • A desktop platform with the .NET Core SDK 2.2 or higher installed.
  • When running on linux, please have a system-wide ffmpeg installation available to support video decoding.
  • When running on Windows 7 or 8.1, *additional prerequisites** may be required to correctly run .NET Core applications if your operating system is not up-to-date with the latest service packs.
  • When working with the codebase, we recommend using an IDE with intellisense and syntax highlighting, such as Visual Studio Community Edition (Windows), Visual Studio Code (with the C# plugin installed) or Jetbrains Rider (commercial).


This framework is intended to take steps beyond what you would normally expect from a game framework. This means things like basic UI elements, text rendering, advanced input handling (textboxes) and performance overlays are provided out-of-the-box. Any of the osu! code that is deemed useful to other game projects will live in this framework project.

  • Anywhere we implement graphical components, they will be displayed with a generic design and will be derivable for further customisation.
  • Common elements used by games (texture caching, font loading) will be automatically initialised at runtime.
  • Allow for isolated development of components via a solid testing environment (VisualTests and TestCases). Check the wiki for more information on how these can be used to streamline development.


Contributions can be made via pull requests to this repository.

If you’re unsure of what you can help with, check out the list of open issues (especially those with the “good first issue” label).

Before starting, please make sure you are familiar with the development and testing procedure we have set up. New component development, and where possible, bug fixing and debugging existing components should always be done under VisualTests.

Note that while we already have certain standards in place, nothing is set in stone. If you have an issue with the way code is structured; with any libraries we are using; with any processes involved with contributing, please bring it up. We welcome all feedback so we can make contributing to this project as pain-free as possible.

For those interested, we love to reward quality contributions via bounties, paid out via paypal or osu! supporter tags. Don’t hesitate to request a bounty for your work on this project.


This framework is licensed under the MIT licence. Please see the licence file for more information. tl;dr you can do whatever you want as long as you include the original copyright and license notice in any copy of the software/source.

The BASS audio library (a dependency of this framework) is a commercial product. While it is free for non-commercial use, please ensure to obtain a valid licence if you plan on distributing any application using it commercially.

Projects that use osu!framework

osu! – rhythm is just a click away!