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  bakaneko 388ce1bf4a
Merge pull request #4704 from Joehuu/add-deflate-mod 1 hour ago
  bakaneko 7ca0ba0f17
Merge branch 'master' into add-deflate-mod 4 hours ago
  bakaneko bb9d756d52
Merge pull request #4702 from nanaya/notification-fixes 4 hours ago
  nanaya eb29e70ce8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into notification-fixes 4 hours ago
  bakaneko 34a098a746
Merge pull request #4633 from nanaya/react-anchor 5 hours ago
  bakaneko 902d7729d2
Merge branch 'master' into react-anchor 5 hours ago
  bakaneko d20ff57d5a
Merge pull request #4701 from nanaya/working-docker 19 hours ago
  bakaneko 981db1923c
Merge branch 'master' into working-docker 22 hours ago
  nanaya 1548b46b3c Wrong directory 23 hours ago
  Edho Arief 52a055f557
Merge pull request #4699 from LiquidPL/too-long-post-error 23 hours ago
  Krzysztof Gutkowski 0fc0edb991
Merge branch 'master' into too-long-post-error 1 day ago
  Krzysztof Gutkowski 62d1762672 Simplify assignment 1 day ago
  Krzysztof Gutkowski c1e7e2f3d5 Fix tests 1 day ago
  Krzysztof Gutkowski 27313f62dc Merge branch 'too-long-post-error' of github.com:LiquidPL/osu-web into too-long-post-error 1 day ago
  Krzysztof Gutkowski 4e2149dafa Group attribute strings under a separate key 1 day ago
  Krzysztof Gutkowski 449bfcb2e6 Check if translation exists before using it 1 day ago
  Krzysztof Gutkowski 0042e7a3b3 cleanups 1 day ago
  Edho Arief 9cfd892d86
Merge pull request #4707 from notbakaneko/feature/score-process-queue-migration 1 day ago
  bakaneko 9b0670158d missing default 1 day ago
  bakaneko 2856718737 add score_process_queue migration 1 day ago
  Joehu 033583dad4 Fix incorrect naming 1 day ago
  Joehu e141361ce9 Add deflate mod for lazer multi 1 day ago
  nanaya 905641901d Random reconnect timing between 5-20s 1 day ago
  nanaya d47cb66aa7 Stop importing all lodash 1 day ago
  nanaya 730e8f8a38 Empty out websocket on destroy 1 day ago
  nanaya 0824dad56a Only do things if active 1 day ago
  nanaya a8c33883e0 Destroy before setting new user id 1 day ago
  nanaya b1c742cb74 Update docker 2 days ago
  Krzysztof Gutkowski b27c29c7de
Merge branch 'master' into too-long-post-error 1 day ago
  Krzysztof Gutkowski 89020ee022 StyleCI 1 day ago
  Krzysztof Gutkowski 775b64ff91 Add translations for various attributes 1 day ago
  Krzysztof Gutkowski 638b4743a3 Add support for translating attributes in model validation 1 day ago
  bakaneko ae4bb7d9fc
Merge pull request #4620 from nanaya/kudosu-per-beatmapset 2 days ago
  bakaneko 5d7ee49da6
Merge branch 'master' into kudosu-per-beatmapset 2 days ago
  Edho Arief 97f233b46b
Merge pull request #4700 from LiquidPL/adjust-starter-recommended-stars 2 days ago
  Krzysztof Gutkowski a12c5ece2e Adjust recommended star difficulty where it would be zero 2 days ago
  Krzysztof Gutkowski ead3eab088 Add a translatable string for when the max post length is exceeded 2 days ago
  Dean Herbert 3338d54d19
Search design updates (#4686) 4 days ago
  Jamie Taylor 94aa70aa5e
Merge pull request #4687 from aerouk/master 4 days ago
  Dean Herbert c7a394358a
Modding design fixes with beatmap section recolour. (#4688) 4 days ago
  Edho Arief bb362d6622
Merge branch 'master' into search-design-fixes 4 days ago
  Edho Arief d0372c8a31
Merge branch 'master' into modding-design-fixes 4 days ago
  Dean Herbert 772f0296c8
Dark design pass on admin section (#4684) 4 days ago
  Edho Arief 6d02b5c0f6
Merge branch 'master' into admin-design-fixes 4 days ago
  Jamie Taylor 5a1272683c
Fix modding link alignment 4 days ago
  Jamie Taylor 5fd80f1522
Move br tags inside of dt instead to make valid html 4 days ago
  Jamie Taylor b4f0fcd30c
Remove class to avoid having to use !important 4 days ago
  Jamie Taylor c2a22012a9
Restore styles that I thought were unused 4 days ago
  Jamie Taylor c0d2367f0c
Keep H2 as a block 4 days ago
  Jamie Taylor 0a69ac1898
Fix taller-rows modifier 4 days ago