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  bakaneko b9a3ad1728
Merge pull request #4475 from nanaya/notification-api 8 hours ago
  bakaneko a613910c95
Merge branch 'master' into notification-api 9 hours ago
  bakaneko 0bafc62a25
Merge pull request #4481 from nanaya/beatmapset-rank 9 hours ago
  bakaneko 7faf0f3be8
Merge branch 'master' into beatmapset-rank 9 hours ago
  bakaneko 1bf574ccc8
Merge pull request #4457 from nanaya/notification-generator 9 hours ago
  bakaneko a0b0ca8ef6
Merge branch 'master' into notification-generator 10 hours ago
  bakaneko 96ccba92d3
Merge pull request #4425 from nanaya/notification-refresh 10 hours ago
  bakaneko 01b3f2532c
Merge branch 'master' into notification-refresh 10 hours ago
  bakaneko 3e84f7cef8
Merge pull request #4476 from nanaya/profile-increase-limit 10 hours ago
  nanaya ee3abe9d33 Test wrong state and score reset 10 hours ago
  bakaneko 67a7bb595f
Merge branch 'master' into profile-increase-limit 10 hours ago
  nanaya f0d415c189 Revert the initial scores back to 5 11 hours ago
  Dean Herbert 2bba64b35f
Merge pull request #4458 from lassem22/patch-1 18 hours ago
  Edho Arief 806269a15c
Merge branch 'master' into patch-1 1 day ago
  Edho Arief 04df7d0264
Merge pull request #4483 from notbakaneko/feature/fix-chat-add-friend-via-user-card 1 day ago
  bakaneko 8507282a4a needs to be bound for jquery event 1 day ago
  nanaya e9474c4922 Don't reset rating when ranking 2 days ago
  nanaya 87eff3965e Also reset playcount on ranking 2 days ago
  nanaya fb0599a0bb Explicitly reset score on ranking 2 days ago
  nanaya f586d2244a Wrong event type 2 days ago
  nanaya 59ea647f98 Add method to rank beatmapset 2 days ago
  bakaneko 3a25629cb5
Merge pull request #4480 from nanaya/comment-upvote-login 2 days ago
  bakaneko f7693a1240
Merge branch 'master' into comment-upvote-login 2 days ago
  bakaneko 620bbe8002
Merge pull request #4479 from nanaya/remove-unused-variable 2 days ago
  nanaya d4b1ada8e6 Show login box when trying to vote as guest 2 days ago
  nanaya 3fed0c295c Remove unused variable 2 days ago
  nanaya 67a2b660b4 Show more score entries in profile page 2 days ago
  nanaya 6c37080e74 Expose notification api 6 days ago
  bakaneko 6d0f81fbde
Merge pull request #4462 from nanaya/score-rank-2019 3 days ago
  bakaneko 236858ea51
Merge branch 'master' into score-rank-2019 3 days ago
  Lasse aed2ecc7d5
Merge branch 'master' into patch-1 5 days ago
  Dean Herbert 71996f588e
Merge pull request #4466 from nanaya/mark-notification-read 6 days ago
  nanaya 61b4f983dd Mark notification read when clicking the message 6 days ago
  Dean Herbert b38e7553ac
Merge pull request #4464 from notbakaneko/feature/check-qtip-exists-before-destroy 6 days ago
  Dean Herbert 2e24911e2e
Re-add autoscrolling behaviour for chat (#4463) 6 days ago
  Jamie Taylor 4d9e0f5f24
code style fixes 6 days ago
  Dean Herbert ab493a4141
Ensure no unused locals for typescript (#4459) 6 days ago
  bakaneko 883a4ca9bd because apparently it's possible for qtip to not exist 6 days ago
  Jamie Taylor f8635f826f
Merge branch 'master' into autoscroll-chat 6 days ago
  bakaneko f2f4221ed4
Merge branch 'master' into ts-no-unused-locals 6 days ago
  Edho Arief b8f50c7b76
Merge pull request #4461 from nekodex/chat-notifications 6 days ago
  Jamie Taylor 24568e27d8
Re-add basic autoscrolling behaviour for chat 6 days ago
  nanaya 151e9bb989 Update score badges to latest design 6 days ago
  Jamie Taylor 68ef2209ea
Simplify interpolations... more 6 days ago
  Jamie Taylor de7912c48b
Check user is actually in a channel before removing them 6 days ago
  Jamie Taylor e725a03d53
Fix truncate() to åctually match limit 6 days ago
  Jamie Taylor effae0a6b5
Simplify interpolations 6 days ago
  Jamie Taylor e12fef6f2a
Use different translations for different channel types 6 days ago
  Jamie Taylor 9d6e58e3fc
Fetch from builder first 6 days ago
  Jamie Taylor 2efca55752
Don't need to filter out source from recipients 6 days ago