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nanaya 2f61a27044 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into kudosu-per-beatmapset 5 days ago
schemas index and search previous usernames 1 month ago
apidoc.php 0 is false 1 month ago
app.php Update sentry (php) 3 weeks ago
auth.php Enable laravel passport 2 years ago
broadcasting.php As it turned out broadcast driver can't be easily changed 3 months ago
cache.php Laravel 5.3 2 years ago
clockwork.php Pacify styleci 11 months ago
compile.php Don't compile service providers by default. 3 years ago
database.php Update variable name and connections 3 months ago
datadog-helper.php Switch to using forked laravel-datadog-helper with url tagging disabled 1 year ago
elasticsearch.php also use SimpleConnectionPoolon default connection 2 weeks ago
elasticsearch_scores.php use SimpleConnectionPool instead; 2 weeks ago
filesystems.php everytime 11 months ago
github.php Wiki? 2 years ago
laroute.php Now with laroute thingy 3 years ago
mail.php "pretend" mail option has been removed 2 years ago
osu.php Limit kudosu per user per beatmapset 2 weeks ago
payments.php verify Shopify webhook signature. 5 months ago
querydetector.php code style fix 6 months ago
queue.php Move notification jobs back to main redis 3 months ago
sentry.php Fix incorrect sentry report 2 weeks ago
services.php Remove disqus 10 months ago
session.php Code cleanup and code review suggestions 10 months ago
slack.php RIP slack 2 years ago
store.php conditionally allow restricted users on store actions 3 months ago
view.php Update PHP files to use PSR-2 via StyleCI's checks 3 years ago
workbench.php Update PHP files to use PSR-2 via StyleCI's checks 3 years ago