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  Giuseppe Guerra f432356a56 🔼 1.11.0 🔼 1 month ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 03e5c3dd15 Settings: Change "order by" to "display and order by" 1 month ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 97701beade Disable !display tooltips, for now 1 month ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 1f1e34dac5 Update dist.min.js, update templates 1 month ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 3d2ffed602 Merge branch 'master' into scoreow 1 month ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 49db108b1e In-game preferences 1 month ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 9647a61e91 Fix drone not cloning submodules 1 month ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 18a69821ac Fix another missing format in traditional chinese translation 1 month ago
  Giuseppe Guerra f616746280 Update drone badge 1 month ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 0476a2cfeb 🔼 1.10.3 🔼 1 month ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 3869920adb Update drone file 1 month ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 76b67344b4 Add simplified chinese timeago translation 1 month ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 335e84ed5f Fix missing format in simplified chinese translation last seen string 1 month ago
  Giuseppe Guerra c104a1b85f Score overwrite WIP 1 month ago
  Morgan Bazalgette a99ef87e10 apply fixes to chinese translation 1 month ago
  Kotoki1337 64bddd28a2 3rd commit 1 month ago
  Kotoki1337 e980fef045 2nd commit 1 month ago
  Kotoki1337 66cd271bbc First commit 1 month ago
  Giuseppe Guerra cf861a8dc3 Add .dockerignore 2 months ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 533fc45255 move to go modules 2 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra ac23e11154 Removed garbage playstyles 2 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra c9f2ac33df Add missing string to data js locale templates 2 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra f9940c69f6 Update italian json locale 2 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra feb24d8439 Merge pull request 'Add more translation' (#72) from Aoba/hanayo:master into master 2 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra bf9077c4a5 Fix merge conflict 2 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 33b2c46973 Bump version 2 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra c17cb39938 Add emoji template strings 2 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 50814f031b Emoji as badge icons 2 months ago
  Aoba 1c8d6aa26d Add more translations to json Thai 3 months ago
  Aoba 0ff3e9b145 Add more translations to JS Thai 3 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 748497b86e Merge pull request 'More translations for Thai language' (#71) from Aoba/hanayo:master into master 3 months ago
  Aoba dff6a12d6b More translations for Thai language 3 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra c98a6532f3 Merge pull request 'Replaced "We" with "So"' (#70) from Aoba/hanayo:master into master 3 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 0f5eeffd78 Responsive ach list, padded load more ach button 3 months ago
  Aoba 8ff2b09779 Replaced "We" with "So" 3 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra f621481404 Add thai json locale 3 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 5885f00734 Add a few missing translatable strings 3 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 9cc3bc4e25 Merge branch 'master' of zxq.co:ripple/hanayo 3 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 5ce5a8dca8 Removed unused msgid in templates-vi.po 3 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 158d8658b6 Fix relax pp msgid incorrect in most translations 3 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 58214d0e27 Merge pull request 'Why this one is using old templates!?' (#69) from Aoba/hanayo:master into master 3 months ago
  Aoba 651b51f754 Fix some typo and some translations 3 months ago
  Aoba d700af7422 Why this one is using old templates!? 3 months ago
  Aoba's Phone 9546174504 "เปลี่ยนแปลง" instead of "เปลี่ยนแลง" 3 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra d75a2dfd32 Merge pull request 'Just one "/" for all translation fix' (#67) from Aoba/hanayo:master into master 3 months ago
  Aoba's Phone ba84f84525 Just one "/" made whole translation dead 3 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 19da25f8e2 Removed wrong statement in changelog page 3 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 5964c752fa Fix merge conflict 3 months ago
  Aoba's Phone e464c9bd1b Fix translation 3 months ago
  Aoba's Phone 56fb97e89b Added timeago for Thai 3 months ago