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  Giuseppe Guerra 661295e4fd Merge branch 'master' of github.com:osuripple/hanayo 3 weeks ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 42ba39d10a ⬆️ 1.9.0 ⬆️ 3 weeks ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 76d51e6477 Merge branch 'master' into nyo 3 weeks ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 681c8a9479 Silently ignore bancho api failures 3 weeks ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 51e10e7118 Merge branch 'nyo' of zxq.co:ripple/hanayo 3 weeks ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 799609f168 Fix some online status bugs 4 weeks ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 47f6dd4bf1 Install semantic in non interactive mode 4 weeks ago
  Giuseppe Guerra c9a5be957e Merge branch 'nyo' of github.com:xnyo/hanayo 1 month ago
  Giuseppe Guerra d4892daec9 Update hardcoded ip 1 month ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 9816a822be
Online status draft 3 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra a5173407d3
Round avatar, add glow in navbar on profile, priv/pub bancho api base 3 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 0b9f7f1c70 Add vinse link to navbar, moved discord link 3 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 3fc0620d69 Merge branch 'master' of zxq.co:ripple/hanayo 3 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 16bad18ace Updated submodule website-docs 3 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 6feae54c46
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into ranking-criteria 4 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 937479de64 Merge branch 'ranking-criteria' of Lithium/hanayo into master 4 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra fee8e7d6a0
Ranking criteria fixes 4 months ago
  Lithium d37a167bac Add loose ranking criteria for people 4 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 66241377b9
Add Bancho OAuth strings to templates 4 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 7ec5754be8
Bancho API privs, Bancho OAuth, update api vendor 4 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 855c83f55d Updated hardcoded server ips 6 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 52234ff1b4 Removed useless id 6 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra fff317d03a Fix scores tables being displayed twice 6 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 4972d63b52 Fix most played beatmaps not working when switching game modes 6 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra d425a862bb Most played beatmaps 6 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra badd23aa0c Add "Personal high score" in score info modal 7 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra a569a5535d Changed "recent scores" table style. Add "passed" in score info modal. 7 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra eb9aca2298 Play Time 7 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 54b09f1407 Updated submodule website-docs 7 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 53a80b0d03 Support for new changelog format 1 year ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 9ccfd3f08d Fix snow responsive view 1 year ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 78664c6e15 rss2 tl;dr connection guide 1 year ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 8d62311aee Snow! 1 year ago
  Giuseppe Guerra ea696fce7a Update website-docs 1 year ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 98aa4899f2 Update submodule website-docs 1 year ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 46ce52f936 Changed PayPal email address 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette abf5d7237f Add rank in RAP button 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 3d2a4b26a9
Explain why you shouldn't write code like hanayo in the README 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette db120cdbff
Fix IPN having the wrong username 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 748d4d7e41
Add username botnet on donation page 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 13baee3124
⬆️ v1.8.6 ⬆️ 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 76970ea5c7
unhardcode ripple IPs on guides 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 0526e770e5
fix verify page 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 98b9e647ec
Remove references to 2fa with telegram 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 567eebc6c6
Woops, wrong link 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 3397f0366a
add drone 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 0c76c9210d
Revert "EXPAND DONG" 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 6a5b4f125c
⬆️ v1.8.5 ⬆️ 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette a2a0f51cfc
Merge branch 'master' of git.zxq.co:ripple/hanayo 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 0705cf0f4e
⬆️ 1.8.4 ⬆️ 1 year ago