Ripple's score server
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LETS Code Health

Latest Essential Tatoe Server

This server handles every non real time client feature, so:

  • Ingame scoreboards
  • Score submission
  • Screenshots
  • Replays
  • osu!direct, thanks to cheesegull
  • Tillerino-like API (partially broken)
  • osu!standard and taiko pp calculation with oppai-ng, made by Franc[e]sco
  • osu!mania pp calculation with a slightly edited version of osu-tools, made by the osu! team
  • catch the beat pp calculation with catch-the-pp, made by Sunpy and cythonized by Nyo


  • Python 3.6
  • Cython
  • C compiler

How to set up LETS

First of all, initialize and update the submodules

$ git submodule init && git submodule update

afterwards, install the required dependencies with pip

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

compile all *.pyx files to *.so or *.dll files using (distutils file). This compiles catch-the-pp as well.

$ python3 build_ext --inplace

then, run LETS once to create the default config file and edit it

$ python3
$ nano config.ini

finally, compile oppai-ng (inside pp/oppai-ng) and osu-tools (inside pp/maniapp-osu-tools). is a tool that allows you to calculate pp for specific scores. It's extremely useful to do mass PP recalculations if you mess something up. It uses lets’ config and packages, so make sure lets is installed and configured correctly before using it.

usage: [-h]
                    [-r | -z | -i ID | -m MODS | -g GAMEMODE | -u USERID | -b BEATMAPID | -fhd]
                    [-w WORKERS] [-cs CHUNKSIZE] [-v]

pp recalc tool for ripple, new version.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -r, --recalc          calculates pp for all high scores
  -z, --zero            calculates pp for 0 pp high scores
  -i ID, --id ID        calculates pp for the score with this score_id
  -m MODS, --mods MODS  calculates pp for high scores with these mods (flags)
  -g GAMEMODE, --gamemode GAMEMODE
                        calculates pp for scores played on this game mode
                        (std:0, taiko:1, ctb:2, mania:3)
  -u USERID, --userid USERID
                        calculates pp for high scores set by a specific user
  -b BEATMAPID, --beatmapid BEATMAPID
                        calculates pp for high scores played on a specific
                        beatmap (beatmap_id)
  -fhd, --fixstdhd      calculates pp for std hd high scores (14/05/2018 pp
                        algorithm changes)
  -w WORKERS, --workers WORKERS
                        number of workers. 16 by default. Max 32
  -cs CHUNKSIZE, --chunksize CHUNKSIZE
                        score chunks size
  -v, --verbose         verbose/debug mode


This project is licensed under the GNU AGPL 3 License.
See the “LICENSE” file for more information.