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Ripple's data syncing and backup system using online.net's C14

What's this?

This is a replacement for icebirb, our old sync and backup system. Recently we've switched to online.net's C14 cold storage solution and icebirb doesn't work really well with it, that's why we've replaced it with oiseau.

How it works

This script checks if there's an open temporary space for our sync storage among our C14 safes, using online.net's API. If there's one, then it starts uploading data to it using rsync, if not it asks online.net to unarchive the sync storage to the temporary space and waits until the operation is completed. After 7 days, the temporary space is automatically archived by online.net.

v2 changes

Version 2 only takes care of backing up replays. New replays must be stored in a temp folder (./temp as of right now, not configurable) and, when it's big enough, oiseau packs all temp replays in a .tar.gz file updating an index file that contains the max replay id for each archive as well. It then uploads the .tar.gz file and the index to C14 through FTP and empties the temp folder. We decided to do this and get rid of rsync because rsync is extremely slow with huge amount of files. The temp folder can be either a symlink to lets/.data/local_replays (oiseau will take care of deleting the temp replays as well, assuming they're uploaded to S3 too) or a folder that periodically receives new files added to lets/.data/local_replays on the main server through rsync. The latter is the recommended option if you have a dedicated server taking care of backing up to C14 and you're low on space on the main server.


Copy settings.sample.ini as settings.ini to configure oiseau. You can use environment variables as well.

Name Default Description
ONLINE_API_KEY Your online.net API key
C14_SYNC_NAME sync The name of your C14 sync
TELEGRAM_TOKEN Your Bot's Telegram API token. Leave empty to disable Telegram integration.
TELEGRAM_CHAT_ID The chat id to which the bot will send messages to


Unlike icebirb, oiseau doesn't currently support full backups, which is coming soon.


  • Python 3 (tested on 3.7, should work with 3.6 as well)
  • Some python modules (run pip install -r requirements.txt)


This project is licensed under the GNU AGPL 3 License.
See the “LICENSE” file for more information.