287 Commits (master)

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  Giuseppe Guerra 34f24b8de6
Add Bancho privilege 1 month ago
  Giuseppe Guerra dc7af1978f Delete beatmaps playcount when wiping accounts 2 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 1705342528 Most played beatmaps 2 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 29d26482fb Add play_time field in /api/v1/users/full 3 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra 18d7c19dac set_allowed: Allow privileges = 2 to restrict someone 3 months ago
  Giuseppe Guerra e57af3937c Notify bancho when silencing users 3 months ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 612cb732bf Header.Set(Content-Type) -> SetContentType 4 months ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 50ffa4e066 forbid empty querying scores 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette daf10b5d71 memes 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 21e3939b36 how do we not have querying by score id??? 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 4470ca2e63
Add support for scores_removed 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 334c409e9e
Explain why you shouldn't design APIs like Ripple's in the README 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 7e531b4ff4
Restrict/lock/ban/change privs via API 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette e7a15cc9bc
add POST /scores/reports 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 5ed6601359
Remove 'Username change' note, because that is already handled by pep.py 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette b35dd9aebf
add user score wipe 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 741b1e0b9f
Require users to agree to license before starting the API 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 77ba8aee78
lolol i forgot this 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette a1eb970382 add API endpoint to retrieve user achievements 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 39078d00a3 on /api/v1/scores, make users with UserManager not see scores by restricted users 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 3130863456
custom rap logs 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 982b9ab9f8
use coalesce rather than notes directly 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 0cb01f6067
show email when token has manageusers 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 8d92df534c
make /users/full show CM notes and ban date when token has PrivilegeManageUser 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 366418f025
log username/country changes 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette c1e892336c
create POST /api/v1/users/edit 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 6dde2086ac
We shall never forget about #ilbagdellennepì 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 77093ebef7 add Content-Type: json to peppy methods 1 year ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 73f4a888c5
Allow IN for beatmap_id, beatmapset_id, beatmap_md5 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette b7c00722de
implement subscribe_mp_complete_match 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 6925ce4c6e
Remove deprecated API methods 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 2535a03c5f
Revert "Vendor update" 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette e5f062ee91
Vendor update 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 8ebe5f6a02
Require client to specify explicitly in websockets whether restricted users should be seen 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 60d48df46d
Merge branch 'oauth2' 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette a409231ca0
Some whitespace fixes 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 6352f752ca
Add AdminPrivilegeCaker 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette c078e20ac5 Pagination and filer by ID for GET /tokens 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 9be90df7bd ping/pong 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 1136738111
Implement bearer tokens 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 155750b746
New quotes, featuring: crostata, thermodynamics, Rick and Snowball 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette e766e951a5
Remove documentation endpoints 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 8a3dae0592
Add endpoint to retrieve people who have a certain badge 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette ace4c6bee0
make sure panics don't slip out of websockets 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 330b90b172
Add on-the-fly rank calculation; change "subscribed" to "subscribed_to_scores" 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette b2c3ada7c0
add back datadog "requests" 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette cc90105130
make Global- and CountryLeaderboardRank nullable 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 622658f5aa
Implement country leaderboards 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 120c027fce
Fix 500 on user scores 2 years ago
  Morgan Bazalgette 69678f21f5
change some emsm 2 years ago