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Updated 4 months ago

Le very basic osu! direct. Outdated, not used anymore.

Updated 1 year ago

list of sane semantic ui icons, mainly for use in ripple's custom badges

Updated 1 year ago

oauth for discord in go

Updated 3 years ago

Updated 3 years ago

Ripple's mirror api. Outdated, not used anymore.

Updated 1 year ago

just a thing to find the string representation of a ripple playstyle in go

Updated 2 months ago

Common Ripple Python code, shared between LETS and

Updated 4 weeks ago

osu resources

Updated 3 years ago

Sync and backup ripple data

Updated 6 months ago

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fork of

Updated 3 years ago

Discord bot that handles donor role and custom roles for donators

Updated 2 years ago

Private osu! server

Updated 1 year ago

Ripple Server Switcher

Updated 5 months ago

Telegram bot for 2FA. Deprecated.

Updated 1 year ago