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Ripple’s data syncing and backup system using’s C14

What’s this?

This is a replacement for icebirb, our old sync and backup system. Recently we’ve switched to’s C14 cold storage solution and icebirb doesn’t work really well with it, that’s why we’ve replaced it with oiseau.

How it works

This script checks if there’s an open temporary space for our sync storage among our C14 safes, using’s API. If there’s one, then it starts uploading data to it using rsync, if not it asks to unarchive the sync storage to the temporary space and waits until the operation is completed. After 7 days, the temporary space is automatically archived by


Copy settings.sample.ini as settings.ini to configure oiseau. You can use environment variables as well.

Name Default Description
C14_ALLOWED_SSH_KEYS A comma separated list of allowed ssh keys identifiers (eg: ssh1,ssh2)
SSH_KEY_LOCATION ~/.ssh/ Your SSH private key location. Must be added on C14.
C14_SYNC_NAME sync The name of your C14 sync
REPLAY_FOLDER Path to your replays folder
AVATARS_FOLDER Path to your avatars folder
AVATARS_FOLDER Path to your screenshots folder
PROFILE_BACKGROUNDS_FOLDER Path to your profile backgrounds folder
SYNC_REPLAYS True If True, sync replays
SYNC_AVATARS True If True, sync avatars
SYNC_SCREENSHOTS True If True, sync screenshots
SYNC_PROFILE_BACKGROUNDS True If True, sync profile backgrounds
SYNC_DATABASE True If True, dump and sync the database
COMPRESS_DATABASE False If True, the sql file will be gzipped before uploading it
DB_NAME MySQL database name
TELEGRAM_TOKEN Your Bot’s Telegram API token. Leave empty to disable Telegram integration.
TELEGRAM_CHAT_ID The chat id to which the bot will send messages to


Unlike icebirb, oiseau doesn’t currently support full backups, which is coming soon.


  • Python 3 (tested on 3.6)
  • rsync, to sync data to C14’s temporary storage
  • scp, to check the latest sync date
  • mysqldump, to dump the database
  • Some python modules (run pip install -r requirements.txt)


This project is licensed under the GNU AGPL 3 License.
See the “LICENSE” file for more information.