osu!api proxy for local Ripple servers. Outdated, vagrant + vagripple should be used instead.
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A simple osu!api proxy for local ripple servers

If you are running a ripple server locally and you want to use our new score server (which isn’t ready yet) with osu!api features, you’ll need this.
If you are redirecting every connection from osu.ppy.sh to with hosts file/switcher, you won’t be able to access osu!api. To fix this problem, host this simple proxy script on a server and set your api url to the proxy one, so every api call from your ripple server gets redirected to the proxy, the proxy sends your request to osu.ppy.sh, it gets the response and it sends it back to you.


You need python3, tornado and requests:

$ pip install tornado
$ pip install requests

To start the server on port 5003, run this command:

$ python3 osuapiproxy.py

If you want to use a different port, use -p argument, for example:

$ python3 osuapiproxy.py -p 1337

This will run the proxy on port 1337


All code in this repository is licensed under the GNU AGPL 3 License.
See the “LICENSE” file for more information.