Private osu! server
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On this organization are hosted the repositories that we use for running Ripple, a private/custom osu! server.

If you’re looking to run the code, you probably have better luck to referring to the GitHub repository osuripple/ripple - if you’re a techie and know how to find your way around things well enough, on that page there is a guide which will guide you through the process of installing Ripple.

The code provided here, instead, is not meant to be ran, although there are examples in the wild of people who are using it. The reason for this is that the official DB schema is only partly provided: you can use the base given on the GitHub repository, but we’ve modified it a lot since then. Not releasing the DB schema is a deliberate choice on our part to avoid low-quality servers popping up by people who don’t know what they are doing.

The code is provided mostly for transparency. As previously said, this code is what is ran on our server, so you can use it yourself, although it’ll take you a dozen of sleepless night to get it running most likely.

If you’re interested in joining the developer team, it is best to contact Howl or Nyo. DO NOT contact them to get support for the code.



  • Hanayo: the current Ripple frontend, aka the website.
  • old-frontend: Ripple’s previous frontend and backend. This was superseded by Hanayo in late 2016, although it is still needed because it has the Ripple Administration Panel (RAP), which still needs to be rewritten.
  • website-docs: repository containing the documentation available on the website.


  • LETS: the score server, which handles online leaderboards, score submission, pp calculation, screenshots and osu!direct.
  • a server implementation of the Bancho protocol, which handles ingame login, chat, spectator and multiplayer. 🌊 Deprecated on 26th June 2019.
  • cheesegull: osu! beatmap mirror/cache server for Ripple.
  • ripple-python-common: Common Python code for Ripple, shared between LETS and

Tournaments & Multi

  • misirlou: frontend of our tournament management system, used for RBC #1.
  • misirlou-api: API/backend of our tournament management system.
  • vinse: An interface to view multiplayer matches on ripple, online.


  • ripple-cron-go: the script that performs scheduled cleanup actions and various checking operations to account for any errors in the database.
  • ripple-server-switcher: The program used to switch between the official osu! server and Ripple.
  • oiseau: Ripple’s sync and backup system, using C14 buckets.
  • DonorBot: Discord bot that handles donor role and custom roles for donators.
  • All other repositories

Pull requests

If you have any modifications to make to the code, we still gladly accept Pull Requests made on Gitea. It may take us some time to get back to you, but feel free to pitch in if you have anything to add!


All code in this and its related repositories is licensed under the GNU AGPL 3 License.
See the “LICENSE” file for more information.