a new way to see the osu! website (old 2015 userscript)
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what is this?

this is a new way to see the osu! website. because the old one seriously still looks like one from 2004.


git clone https://github.com/TheHowl/osuyooi.git
cd osuyooi
python build.py

atm it doesn't seem to work after installing pyScss with pip install pyScss. I hope to fix it tho. At the moment you can, to make this run, download http://y.zxq.co/faslqq.zip - put it in the osu!yooi folder and name it scss. check that in the scss folder there are the python files and not another subfolder named scss with inside the python files. now, you can build this!

using in browsers

if you're not using Chrome or Firefox, then you're in bad luck since I'll test and make sure it works just on those browsers. I can't even be sure it will work at 100% on Chrome because I don't usually use it.


Install Greasemonkey.


Install Tampermonkey.

What's next?

Go here: https://github.com/TheHowl/osuyooi/raw/master/yooi.user.js - and (Grease|Tamper)monkey should ask you whether to install it or not. Say yes, and now go to https://osu.ppy.sh - what a beautiful surprise!

development forums when?

soon, my friend, soon...